ProVision is a powerful, Java-based element management system (EMS), developed specifically for the management of wireless transmission networks. Combined with our extensive experience in developing and implementing management systems, it is a key part of our total solution offering to Aviat Networks (formerly Harris Stratex Networks) customers.


ProVision provides core monitoring functionality and many innovative features designed to improve business efficiencies, with a focus on driving costs down through improved visibility and control of all aspects of network operations. It offers an integration-ready solution for enterprise applications where connectivity to other management systems is a requirement. A number of configurable north-bound integration (NBI) options enable it to work with a wide range of target systems.


The server software supports both Windows and Solaris operating systems. Client software supports Windows with up to ten simultaneous clients.


Key features


 » Supports Eclipse, Velox LE and former Aviat Networks (formerly Harris Stratex Networks) legacy devices.
 » Choice of Windows or Unix hardware platform.
 » Easy to install, learn, use and administer.
 » Seamless integration with radio software and onboard craft tools such as Portal.
 » Improved workflow, including:
     » Probable-cause information derived from network alarms.
     » Complete radio performance data collection.
     » Comprehensive network reports.


 » Advanced software features for the Eclipse platform, such as:
     » Circuit visualization and diagnostics.
     » Bulk software downloads.
     » License management.
     » Network inventory reporting.
     » Ethernet performance monitoring.



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