Eclipse - Super-PDH capacity migration

Super-PDH provides scalable capacity up to 75xE1 or 100xT1, with selectable modulation. Capacity- and payload-independent hardware, combined with smooth, software-configurable capacity migration enables operators to pay only for the capacity they need today and adapt to changing conditions tomorrow. This flexibility simplifies network growth, saves on upgrade costs, minimizes service disruptions and eliminates the need to replace costly equipment.


 » Enhanced PDH rates. Eclipse also delivers enhanced PDH data rates, providing up to 25 percent more capacity than alternative wireless transmission systems—with no extra cost or additional channel bandwidth requirements. Expanded capacity options include:



     » International (ITU) markets: 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20, 32, 40, 48, 52, 64 and 75xE1

     » North American (ANSI) markets: 4, 8, 16, 28, 32, 56, 70, 84, 100xT1

 » Bridging the PDH-SDH/SONET gap. Traditional wireless transmission systems provide link capacities up to a maximum of 16xE1/T1 or 32xE1/T1. For more capacity, operators typically deploy a second parallel link or replace the entire system with an SDH/SONET link, resulting in high costs and surplus equipment, and often requiring new synchronous multiplexers at each site. Eclipse Super-PDH bridges the gap between low-capacity PDH and high-capacity SDH wireless transmission systems, by offering smooth capacity migration without the need for hardware changes.

 » SDH/SONET alternative. With lower cost and reduced network complexity, Super-PDH provides operators with a sound alternative to deploying SDH- or SONET-based transmission systems. The combination of Eclipse’s advanced nodal design and Super-PDH capacity migration provides capabilities like those found in SDH/SONET networks, including:

     » Traffic aggregation, without external cabling or patch panels

     » Repeater configurations, with integrated traffic add/drop

     » Self-healing rings, with built-in automatic path protection switching

     » 20 percent more capacity than provided by STM-1 (63xE1) or OC-3 (84xT1) links

     » 64 QAM modulation options for higher performance than 128 QAM STM-1 radios

 » Eclipse Super-PDH rings. Eclipse provides the built-in support for high-speed rings using Super-PDH, instead of SDH/SONET. Eclipse rings provide similar features, including a ring node in a single unit (the Eclipse INU/INUe), incorporating east-west traffic routing, local traffic drop and insert, and automatic path protection switching (wrapping), with fast switching times.



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