Eclipse - Outdoor Units

The Eclipse platform provides a choice of outdoor units (ODUs) with these key features:

     » 5 to 38 GHz frequency coverage, including all common (and many uncommon) ITU-R/CEPT channel arrangements

     » Common Eclipse E300 ODU IF cable interface

     » Capacity-independent, providing payload transparent operation

     » Software-configurable power output, with up to 30 dB of manual attenuation control, automatic transmitter power control (ATPC) and direct power measurement included as standard

     » Accurate receive signal level (RSL) indication up to ±2dB

     » One common mechanical design

     » Direct antenna mount for all frequencies to eliminate waveguide connection losses

     » Complete field-replaceable unit to speed maintenance and repair


ODU options

 » ODU300 sp – Standard Performance.

The Eclipse Standard Performance ODU provides the most cost-effective solution for low- to medium-capacity PDH applications.

     » Frequency range from 7 to 38 GHz

     » Competitive system performance

     » PDH capacities up to 40xE1

     » QPSK or 16 QAM modulation

     » Standard performance applications

 » ODU300 hp – High Performance.

This ODU300hp provides a combination of high system performance and cost-effectiveness.

     » Frequency range from 6 to 38 GHz

     » Super-PDH capacities from 4xE1 up to 75xE1 or 100xDS1

     » From 1xE3 up to 8xE3 or 6xDS3

     » 2xSTM-1/OC-3

     » Up to 256 QAM modulation

     » Designed for high-performance applications

 » ODU300 ep – Extended Performance.

This ODU provides extended performance targeted at high-capacity applications. It offers additional power in the lower frequency bands, for longer reach with higher availability.

     » Frequency range from 5 to 23 GHz

     » Super-PDH capacities from 4xE1 up to 75xE1 or 100xDS1

     » From 1xE3 up to 8xE3 or 6xDS3

     » From 1xSTM1/OC3 up to 2xSTM1/OC3

     » Up to 256 QAM modulation

     » Extended performance/high-capacity applications




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