Eclipse - Advanced Nodal Networking

Eclipse delivers the most compact and flexible nodal solution available today. The indoor unit design supports multiple radio paths. The high-speed bus architecture enables traffic routing without external cabling. Key features include:

 » Intelligent node unit (INU). Hot-swappable plug-in cards provide ODU traffic and auxiliary interfaces. Add or replace cards for new paths, equipment protection or rapid maintenance. Capacity-independent design can be software-configured for NxE1/DS1 Super-PDH, NxE3/DS3, NxSTM1/OC3, or Nx10/100 Base-T/GigE operation.

 »Advanced data transport. Plug-in cards support high speed Ethernet data transport. Optional cards are available for 10/100baseT or 10/100/1000baseT/GigE, both with a built-in Layer 2 Ethernet switch.

 » Multiple ODU support. Up to six outdoor units, with cable-less traffic routing between radio paths and local interfaces to complex nodal configuration, including traffic add/drop, north/south traffic aggregation and concentration.

 » Hardware and path protection.Supports hardware and path protection, such as hot standby and frequency/space diversity configurations with built-in automatic protection switching. Resilient Super-PDH ring networks automatically ring-wrap upon any ring failure.

 »Less equipment, higher reliability. Dramatically reduced equipment requirements, costs and installation time. Modular approach results in fewer points of failure and higher nodal reliability compared to using multiple IDUs. Where traffic is dropped from a ring to spur links and local interfaces, Eclipse provides functionality equivalent to a multi-element solution with just a fraction of the equipment.

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