Eclipse is the latest generation in software-defined wireless backhaul products. It is available in optimized network node and cost-efficient terminal architecture configurations. Eclipse was the first platform to support advanced nodal networking, with Super-PDH™ software-scalable capacity migration and incremental Liquid Bandwidth throughput control, enabling operators to expand their network with minimal cost and operational disruption. Eclipse is proven today in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions worldwide.


Eclipse high-speed wireless data transport solutions support frequency bands from 5 to 38 GHz, 10/100 Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and advanced quality of service (QoS) features—including prioritization, VLAN support and comprehensive RMON performance monitoring.

Advanced features
Eclipse offers a unique combination of breakthrough features to help you reduce costs on network acquisition and buildout, maintenance, upgrades and expansion:

 » Advanced wireless network nodal solution
 » Scalable Super-PDH capacity architecture
 » Single platform for all PDH, SDH/SONET and data applications
 » High-speed Liquid Bandwidth Ethernet transport
 » Modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance
 » Advanced software tools to enhance network control and intelligence

 » Advanced Nodal Networking. Eclipse provides the most advanced nodal solution available, enabling network optimization through compact Intelligent Node Units (INUs) that support multiple Super-PDH, E3/DS3, SDH/SONET and Ethernet data wireless links, with built-in traffic cross-connections.

 » Super-PDH capacity migration. Introduced by Aviat Networks (formerly Harris Stratex Networks) on the Eclipse platform, Super-PDH fills the gap between traditional 16xE1 PDH and higher-capacity SDH/SONET radio systems. Super-PDH provides smooth, software-controlled capacity migration.

 » Terminal solutions. Eclipse provides a number of optimized terminal solutions, based upon a range of cost-efficient, application-specific indoor units (IDUs). Transport solutions are available for low- to medium-capacity PDH, Super-PDH, SDH/SONET and Ethernet data.

 » Eclipse outdoor unit options. The Eclipse platform includes a range of outdoor units, all supporting transparent capacity upgrades. ODUs are partitioned according to output power performance and maximum capacity capabilities.
Eclipse data transport. Eclipse offers the most comprehensive set of solutions for the wireless transport of Ethernet data, with incremental throughput up to a maximum of 622 Mbps, Fast- and Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces, E1/DS1 wayside channel support, and advanced quality of service controls.

 » Eclipse Quattro. Eclipse Quattro is a special configuration of Eclipse designed to address ultra-high-capacity trunking applications up to 4xSTM1/OC3 in a compact and cost-effective split-mount format.


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